JobsTV – India is focused on showcasing organizations and individuals to build their brands and help them achieve their mission. We help our customers to build their brand videos and help them optimize and accelerate their paths to success.We use video technologies to help organizations and individuals build their brand on a wide scale to widen their global reach.

Some of our services are shared below.
For Jobseekers: help them create video resumes and showcase their talent

For Organizations: build an online brand through the video and increase global reach by promoting their products and/or services

For Recruiters: create virtual job fairs; broadcast globally without much effort as videos can be shared multiple times

For Trainers: create learning content to help professional community and increase global reach

For Coaches: create videos to support coaching practice – beneficial as space is not limited, given that it is virtual coaching.

For Educational Institutions: build an online brand through the video, showcase the students, attract the right employers and place the students.

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